PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Graft

MTP Length Restoring Graft

The PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Graft is a patented, cup and cone design that matches the Paragon 28® reamers. The Paragon 28® PRESERVE™ Grafts are anatomically contoured, aseptically processed and density matched allografts. The anatomic contour of the MTP Length Restoring Graft features a convex distal end and a concave proximal end that allow for movement of the hallux in all 3 planes during final positioning. The primary donor sites for the PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Grafts are the distal femur, an area of dense cancellous bone with abundant medullary bone.

All Paragon 28® PRESERVE™ Grafts are aseptically processed, allowing for maintenance of structural integrity and biocompatibility of the graft. Gamma irradiation is not used during processing in order to help avoid structural fatigue and crumbling of the graft. Further, hydrogen peroxide is avoided during processing with the intent to help preserve osteoinductivity of the graft.

Two different diameters of PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Grafts are available, each with several length options. A set of trials are available for use with the PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Grafts. The trials are sized matched to the grafts to determine the correct amount of correction both clinically and radiographically before a graft is even opened.

Paragon 28®'s Design Rationale

A cup and cone design was sought after when engineering this product in order to allow the surgeon to prepare the adjacent proximal phalanx and 1st metatarsal using Paragon 28®’s cup and cone reamers. This allows the surgeon to position the hallux in three planes, rather than forcing the hallux position one way due to the graft shape.

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