Gorilla® MTP Plating System

MTP Plating System

The Gorilla® MTP Plating System offers an unprecedented 32 plate offerings for fusion of the metatarsophalangeal joint. The plating system includes options for primary arthrodesis, revision arthrodesis and graft spanning arthrodesis. The primary and short arthrodesis plates are machine sculpted at 0⁰, 5⁰ and 10⁰ to account for differences in anatomy. The revision arthrodesis plates are thicker, with more holes available proximally to avoid previous screw placement. The graft spanning plate allows for placement of Paragon 28®’s PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Graft–a selection of pre-cut, sized, aseptically processed allografts used to restore length in a shortened 1st ray. Lastly, the distal screw holes are streamlined to improve fit in a wide diversity of patients as well as offering a two hole distal option.

Also included in the Gorilla® MTP Plating System is Paragon 28®’s patented Precision® Guide MTP, which allows a foot and ankle surgeon to place a lag screw across the arthrodesis site while avoiding all of the plate screws in the construct, with the intent to save time in the OR and reduce the amount of fluoroscopy used.

The MTP Plating system offers Spin Guard Reamers in the set to assist the surgeon in cartilage removal and joint preparation prior to plate and screw fixation. The Paragon 28® Spin Guard Reamers contain a cover over the spinning reamer, which is designed to help protect the adjacent joint surface while reaming the opposing joint surface.

Paragon 28®'s Design Rationale

Starting with joint preparation, we created a reaming system to help protect the surface intended for fusion by designing the Spin Guard Reamers.

To create compression across the joint and improve stability of joint fixation, we created the Precision® Guide MTP, allowing for streamlined and consistent lag screw placement.

We wanted options for every patient and every situation. We didn’t want time wasted in the OR bending plates or adjusting plates to get what you need. Patients may have a slightly pronated natural anatomy and others may have a slightly higher arch. For this reason, we created 3 different dorsiflexion options. This prevents the surgeon needing to make large bends in the plate to provide a better fit in different anatomy, putting the plate at risk of creating a stress point that could fail.

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