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Ankle Fracture

Gorilla® Ankle Fracture Plating System

The most comprehensive offering of standard ankle fracture plates on the market.

  • Straight and Anatomic Plates: 24 plates
  • Posterior Plates: 20 plates
  • Hook Plates: 8 plates
  • Anterior, Anterolateral and Medial Pilon Plates: 26 Plates

Anatomic Fibular Plates 12 Total 

Straight Fibular Plates
 11 Total 

Medial Malleolus Plates
1 Total 

Posterolateral Tibia Plates 6 Total

Posteromedial Tibia Plates 8 Total

Posterolateral Fibula Plates 4 Total 

TriMalleolar Fracture Plates 2 Total 

Lateral Malleolus Hook Plates 4 Total 

Straight Hook Plates
2 Total

Medial Hook Plates
2 Total


Anterior Distal Tibia Plates –  3 Total

Anterolateral Distal Tibia Plates – 16 Total

Medial Distal Tibia Plates – 7 Total

Phantom® Hindfoot TTC Nail

The Phantom® Hindfoot TTC/TC System offers three diameter (Ø10 mm, Ø11.5 mm, and Ø13 mm) and five length options (150 mm, 175 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm) to address tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC)

The system leverages PRECISION® Guide technology allowing for reproducibility when placing a Ø3.0 mm drill-pin from distal to proximal, through the center of the calcaneus and up to the tibia.

Unique Nail Sizes

NEW Phantom ActivCore™ Nail

The Phantom ActivCore™ Nail has an outer sheath with a proximal Flex Coil design and inner sliding core which allows for constant post-operative non-weight bearing compression to accommodate up to 8 mm of bone resorption across the joints.

Unique Nail Sizes

Novel Syndesmotic Fixation​

Gorilla® R3LEASE™ Stabilization System

  • Provides rigid stability and resists rotational forces while syndesmosis is healing (before weight-bearing)
  • Designed so that if screw fracture occurs, the screw breaks cleanly at the notch point in the clear space
  • A second removal surgery, if deemed necessary, was designed to be straight forward

3.9 mm R3LEASE™ Screw-14 mm Notch Length

3.9 mm R3LEASE™ Screw-14 mm Notch Length

Calcaneal Fracture and Postraumatic Arthritis​


The system is made up of low profile lateral extensile approach plates as well as low profile sinus tarsi approach plates which may be contoured intraoperatively to the surgeon’s preference.


Sinus Tarsi Plates
 6 Total 

Sinus Tarsi Support Plates
 6 Total 

Calc Fracture Perimeter Plates
6 Total 

PRESERVE™ Subtalar Distraction Arthrodesis Graft

Only system on the market specifically designed to address STJDA

  • Adds height to subtalar joint — intended to correct Boehler’s Angle
  • Designed to correct for varus/valgus deformity — no inter-operative shaping required
  • Trial sizer allows ability to “dial-in” correction 
  • Patented geometries
    Minimally manipulated – Density matched – Aseptically processed
  • No gamma irradiation 

Lisfranc Fractures and Disruption​

GORILLA® Lisfranc / TMT Plating System

  • 1.4 mm plate thickness helps reduce soft tissue irritation • Made from Ti 6AI-4V ELI allowing for increased plate strength
  • Anatomic contour can help reduce intraoperative bending which may save time in the OR

1st & 2nd Dual Ray Plates
 6 Total 

2nd & 3rd Plates
 6 Total 

Slanted Straight Plates
6 Total 

Slanted T Plates
6 Total

Clover Plates
4 Total

Mini-Monster® Solid Screw System

Available in Partially and Fully Threaded Options. System includes both cannulated and solid instrumentation allowing for flexibility in surgical approach.

2.7 mm

3.5 mm

4.0 mm

Jones and 5th Metatarsal Fractures​

PERCISION® Jones Fracture Screw System

The PRECISION™ Jones Fracture Screw System offers extensive options of Type II Anodized Titanium screws. System-specific instrumentation is designed to address procedural challenges while helping to provide maximum stability across fracture sites.

Curved K-Wire Guide (patent pending)

The patent pending PRECISION™ Jones Curved K-wire Guide has a tip which matches the base curvature of the 5th metatarsal and radius of curvature which aims the handle of the guide away from the lateral malleolus and cuboid. This guide’s primary function is to aid in positioning a nitinol K-wire into the center of the intramedullary canal simplifying placement which may reduce intraoperative fluoroscopy time.


4.0 mm Screw
30 Total 

4.5 mm Screw
30 Total

5.5 mm Screw
30 Total

6.2 mm Screw
30 Total

Baby Gorilla® 5th Metatarsal Fracture Plates

Designed to fit the 5th metatarsal with the option to be used for:

  • Jones Fractures
  • Revision Jones Fractures
  • 5th Metatarsal Shaft Fractures
  • 5th Metatarsal Avulsion Fracture

Small Bone Fracture and Reconstruction​

Baby Gorilla® Plating System

The most comprehensive system of small bone fracture and reconstruction plates on the market. 


Baby Gorilla® Y-Plates

Baby Gorilla® Zig Zag and Zig Zag Spanning plates

Baby Gorilla® Cuboid Plates

Baby Gorilla® Navicular Plates

Baby Gorilla® Straight Plates

Baby Gorilla® T-Plates

Baby Gorilla® L-Plates

Baby Gorilla® Talar Neck Plates

Baby Gorilla® Akin Plates

Baby Gorilla® Mesh Plate

Bone Matrix

Beast™ 100 Demineralized Bone Matrix

  •  100% human bone — No additional carrier2 
  • Individually lot tested for consistency and osteoinductivity • May be contoured to best fit surrounding anatomy
  • Consistent handling – Premixed and injectable from syringe

V92™ Cellular Bone Matrix

The V92™ product line: V92™ and V92™-FC are viable allogeneic bone allografts intended for use in bone remodeling. The V92™ products are safe and non-immunogenic and provide an ideal alternative to autograft in a variety of orthopaedic and spine applications.