Pro3™ Placenta and Cord

Pro3™ Placenta and Cord

Pro3™ Placenta and Cord is a line of regenerative tissue matrices that help to support healing without adhesion or scar formation. Thicknesses differ between Pro3™-Placenta and Pro3™-Cord for unique application use. Pro3™ – Placenta is single layer amnion that is ideal for dermatological application such as topical wounds and burns. Pro3™ – Cord preserves maximum natural thickness (8x thicker than Pro3™ – Placenta), and helps support tendon and deep soft tissue healing.

The proprietary process of recovering Pro3™ – Cord and Pro3™ – Placenta preserves the natural healing properties to facilitate regenerative healing as opposed to scar-mediated healing. Pro3™ Amniotic Membranes can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 years  and does not require any special preparation in the OR.


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