PRESERVE™ ParaDerm® Dermal Matrix

ParaDerm™ Dermal Matrix

Following the principles of all of our PRESERVE™ products, the ParaDerm® Dermal Matrix is procured aseptically and is produced using a highly technical process that reduces native nucleic acids, cells and other antigenic material while preserving the collagen matrix with vascular channels. The epidermis from the skin surface and skin appendages has been removed in the donor tissue. Cellular elements have been removed from the dermis. The dermal matrix is composed of collagen strands. The basement membrane and blood vessel channels have been preserved, which allows for rapid revascularization. This extracellular matrix promotes cellular infiltration, attachment and proliferation.

The unique processing technique preserves the collagen and elastic tissue fibers while maintaining the open channels through which mesenchymal cells can migrate, proliferate and form new blood vessels. This biologic process is crucial to the integration and remodeling of the allograft by host cells.

ParaDerm® Dermal Matrix is a biocompatibile collagen matrix that promotes cellular infiltration and proliferation.

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