NC Fusion Plating System

The Paragon 28® Gorilla® NC Fusion Plating System offers surgeons 4 plating sizes for a total of 8 different plates to span the Naviculocuneiform joint to address arthritic joint pain of the midfoot as well as flatfoot deformities.

The system includes plates specifically designed to capture the best bone and achieve compression across multiple joints with 4 plate screws and a 5th PRECISION™ guided screw outside the plate. The system includes templates to facilitate proper plate placement and leverages the aforementioned PRECISION™ Guide technology allowing for a crossing screw to pass from the medial cuneiform to the lateral aspect of the navicular while maintaining on-axis placement of plate screws. A locking screw in the plate allows for fixation between the proximal medial navicular to the intermediate cuneiform. A second locking screw in the navicular helps guard against plantar gapping, while two distal screws in the medial cuneiform have the ability to be placed across one, two or three cuneiforms.

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