Gorilla® Medial Column Rescue Plates

Medial Column Rescue Plates

The Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System was designed to be a versatile medial column plating system which is comprised of 46 total plates. The Medial Column Rescue plates can be a primary option for medial column arthrodesis or can be used as an alternative to the Gorilla® Medial Column Arch plates. In some situations, the Medial Column Rescue plates may be a better fit for a patient’s anatomy than the Medial Column Arch plates. The Medial Column Rescue plates can also be used for a revision medial column arthrodesis to avoid previous implant holes by offering an abundance of uniformly-spaced holes.

The Gorilla® Medial Column Rescue plates are comprised of 6 plates – a 9 hole, 11 hole and 15 hole plate, each available in a 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm thickness.

Design Rationale

The obliquity of the screw holes allow each side of the plate to have an “extra” screw hole which provides versatility in using the plate on the right or left foot, as well as switching the orientation of the plate to best fit the anatomy of the bones being fused. The 9 hole, 11 hole and 15 hole options allows for the plate to span either a portion or the entire medial column, depending on patient needs. The varying thickness of the plates allows for use on patients who may benefit from a thicker plate due to neuropathy or difficulty with non-weight bearing restrictions versus a thinner plate, which may benefit a patient with less soft tissue coverage available.

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