Gorilla® Lateral Column Plating System

Gorilla® Lateral Column Plating System

The Gorilla® Lateral Column Plating System includes four plates (left and right, standard and large) which are anatomically contoured to fit the unique curvature and anatomy of the lateral column.  The system also includes plate specific templates which are intended to be used to optimize plate position for reaming in a specific location which allows placement of a 5.5 mm solid plate screw.

The Gorilla® Lateral Column Plating System was developed to offer surgeons a dedicated plating system designed to aid in the stabilization, fusion and fixation of the lateral column. This construct allows for strength, stability and compression throughout the lateral column which can help address certain cases where plantar subluxation of the cuboid may result in ulceration. This plate and screw construct consists of a dorsal plate placed on the 4th metatarsal, 5th metatarsal and cuboid that can accept a 5.5 mm Type II Anodized, non-locking, solid plate screw. This screw interfaces with the plate and is intended to span from the space between the 4th and 5th metatarsals, through the cuboid and into the posterior aspect of the calcaneus.


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