R3LEASE™ Stabilization System

R3LEASE™ Stabilization System

The Paragon 28® R3LEASE™ Stabilization System was designed to offer surgeons an improved design over traditional screws when used for syndesmotic fixation.

Once a patient begins weightbearing, traditional syndesmotic screws may break, loosen or cause pain at the syndesmosis. While broken and loose screws have demonstrated improved patient outcomes as compared to intact syndesmotic screws, the location of screw breakage can be unpredictable with some breakage causing osteolysis from adjacent bony erosion leading to pain and difficult removal.

The R3LEASE™ Stabilization System was designed so that if screw breakage occurs, the screw breaks cleanly in the syndesmotic clear space at the notch point. Two notch lengths were designed to address patient anatomy and accommodate use with or without a plate.

If removal is desired, the tibial component of the R3LEASE™ screw may be removed medially or laterally.

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