Gorilla® BOW & ARROW® Cotton Osteotomy Plates

BOW & ARROW™ Cotton Osteotomy Plates

The Gorilla® BOW & ARROW® Cotton Plates can be used with or without the PRESERVE™ Cotton Plantarflexing Osteotomy Graft. The Cotton Plate is sized to fit and provide fixation on the medial cuneiform. Four options of the BOW & ARROW® Cotton Plate are offered, corresponding to the sizes of the PRESERVE™ Cotton Graft. The plate provides screw fixation on either side of the osteotomy. Alternative grafting material such as allograft or bone chips can be placed in the osteotomy site if desired, with the plate “arms” holding open the osteotomy. The “ARROWS” located on the arms hook onto the cortex of bone to help prevent dorsal plate dislocation and obviate the need for temporary fixation.

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