Gorilla® Ankle Fracture Plating System

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Ankle Fracture Plating System

The Gorilla® Ankle Fracture Plating System was designed to give the surgeon options including straight fibular, anatomic fibular, medial malleolus, posterior fibula, posterior tibia, lateral hook, straight hook, medial hook plates, and distal tibia plates. All plates are low-profile, with recessed holes that allow for a locking or non-locking screw to be placed, depending on surgeon preference. The recess is built in the hole to accommodate syndesmotic fixation while providing protection against screw head prominence when screws are placed off-axis.

There are 78 plate options in 13 different families. These include:

  • Anatomic Fibula Plates
  • Straight Fibula Plates
  • Medial Malleolus Plate
  • Posterolateral Fibula Plates
  • Posterolateral Tibia Plates
  • Posteromedial Tibia Plates
  • Trimalleolar Fracture Plates
  • Lateral Hook Plates
  • Straight Hook Plates
  • Medial Hook Plates
  • Anterior Distal Tibia Plates
  • Anterolateral Distal Tibia Plates
  • Medial Distal Tibia Plates

Paragon 28®'s Design Rationale

With posterior plating becoming a more common means of treating distal tibia and fibula fractures over an anterior to posterior approach, Paragon 28® wanted to provide surgeons with a complete offering to address these fractures in the manner they prefer. With our already robust Ankle Fracture Plating System, we now also include a full offering of Posterolateral Fibula, Posterolateral Tibia, Posteromedial Tibia and posterior tibia Trimalleolar Fracture Plates.

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