Phantom ActivCore™ Nail

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Phantom ActivCore™ Nail

The Phantom ActivCore™ Nail has an outer sheath with a proximal Flex Coil design and inner sliding core which allows for constant post-operative non-weight bearing compression to accommodate up to 8 mm of bone resorption across the joints. The Nail is sterile packaged and pre-loaded and can simply be activated by releasing the Tension Screw after implantation; this allows the inner core to compress against the Ø7.2 mm Calcaneal Pegs and translates the outer sheath proximally. The Flex Coil design aids in stress sharing as the Nail finds its way through the contoured tibial anatomy. The Nail is offered in 11 different size options with three diameters (Ø10.0 mm, Ø11.5 mm, and Ø13.0 mm) and four lengths (175 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm) for diverse patient anatomy.

The system leverages PRECISION® Guide technology allowing for reproducibility when placing a Ø3.0 mm Drill-Pin from distal to proximal, through the center of the calcaneus and up to the tibia.

The Phantom ActivCore™ Nails are implanted utilizing the carbon fiber Phantom® Ghost™ Outrigger. The radiolucent and inlay features allow for visualization of pegs trajectory under fluoroscopy prior to drilling. Some features of the Outrigger include:

  • Rigid and stout Outrigger with Cam Lock technology allows for more accurate placement of Pegs
  • Variable (0°-18°) angle placement of the Ø7.2 mm Threaded Calcaneal Peg allows for maximum boney purchase based on individual patient anatomy
  • Proximal Peg Extension Arm attaches to the Outrigger allowing the surgeon to accurately place a Ø5.0 mm Threaded Tibial Peg into the 250 mm and 300 mm Nail lengths

A robust offering of joint preparation instrumentation is offered in the Phantom® Hindfoot TTC/TC System case and tray to address TTC and TC arthrodesis. Joint preparation instrumentation includes an array of cartilage removal tools, curettes, osteotomes, burrs, perforators, and bone fenestration chisels.

For a Paragon 28 Ankle Fusion Solution, the following biologics are offered:

Precision® Guide Technology

Phantom® Ghost™ Outrigger

Paragon 28®'s Design Rationale

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