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TenoTac® Soft Tissue Fixation System

The Paragon 28® TenoTac® Soft Tissue Fixation System was developed to provide surgeons an alternative fixation option for contracted toes. The TenoTac® System was designed to replace a traditional flexor tendon transfer for flexible hammertoes or supplement fixation of rigid hammertoes and plantar plate repair by providing stabilization of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint in the sagittal and transverse planes.

“It is an indispensable procedure for any foot and ankle surgeon and the Paragon 28® TenoTac® has more than refined this century old procedure.”

Dr. Douglas Blacklidge, DPM

JAWS™ Nail Nitinol Staple System

Paragon 28® designed the JAWSTM Nitinol Staple System for use in an osteotomy, arthrodesis and fragment fixation of bones and joints of the foot including fixation of small bone fragments.

The JAWSTM Nitinol Staple System uses superelastic nitinol and a simple insertion method to gain rigid compression across an osteotomy site.

HammerTube™ Hammertoe System

The HammerTube Hammertoe System offers surgeons four different configurations for use in the stabilization and fixation of small bones for use in bone reconstruction, osteotomy, arthrodesis, fracture repair and fixation, appropriate for the size of the device.

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