Focus 28 - A Series of Highly Focused, Hands-On Courses

In 2020, Paragon 28® is delivering twenty–eight highly focused, one-day training opportunities on key products, techniques, and technologies. Please join us in the Beast Lab at our new, state of the headquarters, located just south of Denver, CO. You will be blown away by the facility and unique design for this training. Fly in the night before, train from 8 am to 1 pm, then get back to your patients and family. Our goal is to provide everything you may need to become more comfortable with P28’s latest technologies in a cadaveric setting. The topics will include MIS Lapidus, PROMO, Preserve, Ankle Arthrodesis, Charcot, and Flatfoot. Contact your rep today to learn more!

One Day Course Description and Dates

MIS Lapidus and TenoTac ®

January through November

Charcot and Ankle Fusion Nail

January and September

Ankle Fusion

March through November


February and June

PROMO™ and TenoTac®

May through November


April and August