V92™ Cellular Bone Matrix

V92™ Cellular Bone Matrix

V92™ cellular bone matrix consists of bone marrow-derived cells and a bone scaffold component. The bone-marrow derived cells are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that have the ability to differentiate into more than one type of specialized cell of the body. In the skeletal system, MSCs are the osteogenic cells that are required for bone repair, remodeling and maturation. Under the appropriate conditions, MSCs differentiate into osteoblasts that subsequently make new bone. The bone scaffold component is optimized to mix demineralized cortical bone and mineralized cortical and cancellous bone. The demineralized bone component contains growth factors and has osteoinductive potential. The mineralized scaffold is a balanced combination of cortical and cancellous bone for cell attachment and bone formation. These bone marrow-derived cells and the bone scaffold component are combined at the time of surgery prior to graft placement.

The preservation of cells is critical to successful bone grafting. V92™ cellular bone matrix utilizes a novel, next-generation cryo-protectant for storage and preservation of the cellular component. This novel cryo-protectant is used in the processing of V92™ to retain cell function, sustain cell viability and provide dependable cell identity that supports therapeutic intervention in foot and ankle applications. It is a non-toxic alternative to the traditional DMSO-based cryo preservation media.

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