Baby Gorilla® Straight Plates

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Baby Gorilla® Straight Plates

The Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System is a comprehensive foot and ankle specific plating system that includes 65 unique plating options. Instrumentation specific to foot and ankle surgeons is provided including bars and pliers, angled small and large curettes, varying widths of straight and curved osteotomes and distraction and compression tools. Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System provides locking and non-locking 2.0 and 2.5 mm screws.  The locking screws are designed to allow for up to 15° off-axis locking placement. Each screw hole accommodates a non-locking or locking 2.0 or 2.5 mm screw in sizes ranging from 8 to 50 mm. Compression slots are available on some of the plates and are compatible with non-locking screws.

The Straight Plates included in the Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System are designed to be universal in application to contribute an array of solutions for foot and ankle procedures. The Straight Plates include 8 different options to equip surgeons with a variety of lengths and hole configurations with and without compression.  Varying in lengths from 30-136 mm, the Straight Plates are available for use in a variety of applications.

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