HammerGraft™ Hammertoe System

HammerGraft™ Hammertoe System

The PRESERVE™ HammerGraft™ implant is a minimally manipulated, aseptically processed allograft designed specifically for fixation of hammertoe fusions. The HammerGraft™ implant is composed of cortical bone harvested from the tibia to meet the strength requirements of the proximal interphalangeal joint, while being sized to fit in the medullary canal.

All Paragon 28® PRESERVE™ grafts are aseptically processed, allowing for maintenance of structural integrity and biocompatibility of the graft. Gamma irradiation is not used during processing in order to help avoid structural fatigue of the graft. Further, hydrogen peroxide is avoided during processing with the intent to help preserve osteoinductivity.

Straight and angled configurations of the HammerGraft™ implants are available in 2.3mm and 2.8mm diameters. The implants are packaged in a hydration solution and may be used immediately out of the package without requiring reconstitution.

Paragon 28®'s Design Rationale

The HammerGraft™ is an aseptically processed cortical bone graft designed with rotational stability and ease of insertion in mind.  The rib height of the implant and drill diameter for bone preparation were optimized to ensure maximum pull-out strength while minimizing any plastic deformation to surrounding cancellous bone upon insertion of the HammerGraft™ implant.1

1 Test Report 17011701

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