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Thank you for your interest in our products. The primary goal of Paragon 28 is to provide as many reasonable solutions as possible for foot and ankle surgery, understanding that there is often more than one way to a successful outcome. Our product line already features an extensive range of products, and we are constantly working to develop more solutions for foot and ankle surgery. There are times when even the back-up plan fails, and we want you to be ready with an efficient solution.

When filtering by condition, products are populated that are appropriate primary or adjunctive solutions for that procedure. More information on that product can be found by clicking on that product’s individual page.

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If a procedure is not listed or you are searching for a specific product by name, products can be filtered by system. Our systems currently include the Gorilla Plating System, the Monster Screw System, and the PRESERVE line of aseptically processed biologics. Since we solely specialize in foot and ankle solutions, we are able to develop innovative products that change the way surgeons operate.

We welcome you to explore our products pages where surgical technique guides, design rationale, videos and sales sheets are located. You are invited to check back frequently, as products in development come to market.

Why Paragon Products


Exclusively Foot & Ankle

Foot and ankle surgeons are our primary focus at Paragon 28. We listen to your ideas, your criticisms and never stop exploring how we can make things better.


Customized Products

When looking at a procedure, Paragon 28 concentrates not only on the fixation option for that procedure, but also what steps go into performing that procedure and how we can provide solutions for a more efficient and predictable outcome.


Measurable Results

Paragon 28 strives to provide value-driven surgical solutions. Efforts are made to reduce processing costs for facilities and allow for an inclusive foot and ankle surgical solution that does not require additional instrumentation from the facility.

Gorilla® Calc Fracture Plating System

The recently released Calcaneal Fracture Plating system includes an extensive 20 plate offering in three families. Each plate offers a low-profile, lateral extensile solution with screw holes that accept 2.7 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.2 mm locking and non-locking polyaxial screws allowing surgeons to target each fracture site of the calcaneus. The Perimeter plate boasts 15 screw holes to allow placement around comminuted bone. The Sinus Tarsi plate provides a stable construct designed to buttress the posterior facet with three holes under the subtalar joint. The Sinus Tarsi Support plate supplies the configuration of the Sinus Tarsi plate with additional screw holes situated posteriorly. System specific instrumentation includes Shanz Pins and a T-handle, a Blunt Dissection Tool for the posterior tuberosity, a Sinus Tarsi Plate Inserter and a Sinus Tarsi Incision Guide.


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