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Par·a·gon (noun)


An ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept. A model or pattern of excellence or perfection.

Twen·ty·eight (noun)


The second perfect number. The number of bones in the human foot including the sesamoid bones.

Welcome to commitment to foot and ankle. Welcome to Paragon 28®

Paragon 28® was established in 2010 to address unmet and under-served needs of the foot and ankle community. We are dedicated to creating tailored solutions and tools to improve the treatment of even the most difficult foot and ankle conditions. Paragon 28® operates under the following principles: inclusion and respect of individual surgeon’s preferences, creative innovation, high-quality, cost-effective implants, and a strong belief that through research and innovation, we can create new and improved solutions to the challenges faced by foot and ankle specialists.

Foot and ankle surgeons are our primary focus at Paragon 28®. We listen to your ideas, your criticisms, and what needs to be better. We seek to understand your hesitance and frustrations with certain procedures and focus on how we can make things easier. The name “Paragon 28” was chosen by design — to never lose focus on our goal to advance the science of foot and ankle surgery.

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The key to innovation is reinventing the space in which we work, rather than filling that space with more products.


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Grappler™ Interference Screw System

The Paragon 28® Grappler™ Interference Screw System was designed to provide surgeons an alternative fixation option for intraoperative tissue reattachment and fixation in the foot and ankle rounding out our comprehensive flatfoot portfolio. The system includes 20 unique implants to accommodate varying patient anatomies and indications throughout.

The Grappler™ Interference Screw is comprised of biocompatible PEEK material with inert properties and elasticity very similar to bone. The implant thread form is designed to minimize implant migration and loss of tension. The instrumentation included implant specific cannulated drill sand tissue protectors are provided to help reduce imprecision when drilling, allowing for intended fit of implant and tendon. The tendon size, drill and implant diameters are one to one–there are no necessary calculations to be completed to determine drill diameter and implant size. A novel trilobe driver engagement extends through the cannulation of the implant to help facilitate accurate implant insertion and help maximize torque transfer between driver and implant.